The best funny pranks to pull at home to help you become a prankster


What better way to add some humour in your home by pulling pranks on your family members at home? There are lots of things that you can do at home to add some fun. Starting from the toothpaste change to mustard to the hair-dryer and powder prank, you can just use your wide imagination and creative mind for the pranks to pull at home. Some of the ideas that other people have had so far can be a source of inspiration to you and ring some bells for you.

Funny pranks to pull at home to become the best prankster

#1 Post It on the bed prank

#2 Inverted filled glass bottle prank

#3 The Toilet Bug Prank woks all the time

#4 Wrap up parent house prank

#5 Post It Dad’s car prank

#6 The Airhorn Door Open prank

#7 Super Glue on the toothbrush isĀ  evil

#8 Good luck with the duck tape in the toilet

#9 The spider under the cup prank

pranks to pull at home

#10 Mayonnaise as toothpaste prank

#11 The most evil of all pranks goes without words