10 low cost halloween costumes which give almost the same scary effect


Halloween is an event whereby you need to disguise in a costume, however these costumes can cost you a lot of money even though you are gonna wear it just for once. And for the next Halloween event, you won’t be able to use the same costume again.Thus, using low cost Halloween costumes like these people did, is just the solution for you if you are tight on the budget. Here are some of the low budget Halloween costumes that they did.

#1 Low cost Game of Thrones Halloween costume

low cost halloween costumes

#2 The Scream Halloween costume


#3 Our low-budget costumes for Halloween! Extra props if you can figure out who we are.


#4 My friend and I were low budget Mob and Teru for Halloween. It turned out better than expected.


#5 My low budget Robb Stark costume for Halloween.


#6 Low budget BOTW link costume for Halloween


#7 My very basic low budget Clark Kent costume was a fun way to take on Halloween.


#8 I was able to make a low(very poor college kid) budget Joker this Halloween for roughly $20. What do you all think?


#9 Low battery and no wifi is the best halloween costume ever


#10 I am dressed as Muggle in Harry Potter

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