Japanese Parents gifts resignation letter as birthday gift to their son on his 20th birthday

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Yuma Hasegawa was going to celebrate his 20th birthday just like any other boy of his age. As birthday gift from his parents, he was expecting money, a voucher, gig tickets or even a new car – but what he actually got was a tremendous surprise which no one could have ever expected.


His birthday started with an envelope  from his parents as gift. Neatly wrapped and sealed and with string in two different colours, it looked intriguing.The big lad was very happy that it was money inside,but instead he found a note. The note was written by his parents mentioning that they were resigning as his parents. In Japan, where Hasegawa lives, normally 20 is the legal age of adulthood.

The letter, in which Hasegawa’s folks relinquish their parental obligations, reminds him that it is time to become a “proper and responsible member of society”. As a start, he needs to start paying the rent to his parents just like a normal tenant does. And Hasegawa will be able to get married only when his parents give their approval for his choice of spouse, it adds, saying they may struggle to “emotionally accept” his partner.

Hasegawa shared a picture of the letter on Twitter, writing: “The rugged gift from Mom and Dad.”



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