21 inventions that need to happen to make life much more easy

Inventions are there to ease your everyday lives. People have lots of creativity and brings about many innovative inventions which can help you a lot in your day-to-day activities, however unfortunately, not all of them are commercialized and release onto the market. These inventions that need to happen and become more accessible to the public can be real life-savers and time-saving.

21 inventions that need to happen to make life easier

While going through this list, you will be able to judge by yourself how much much useful they would have been to you if they were brought to light, that is accessible to all.

Chewing gum that fixes your teeth

As the title says, it is the revolutionary type of chewing gum which will help to fix and protect your teeth while you chew it. I am looking forward to seeing that on the market; it will help me reduce my visits to the dentist.

Clothes hand clip holder

Housewives and most women will specially find this invention extremely useful. They will themselves tell you how this invention is a real time-saver. Usually, they have a tendency to look for their clips while putting their clothes to dry on the line.

Coffee drops collector

inventions that need to happen

In office, while working, most people have developed a habit of drinking coffee. However, when taking a sip, there is always a drop of coffee which slowly drips along the cup and onto your important documents. We have got the solution now with this superb invention called as the Coffee Drop Collector, which collects all the coffee drips.

Easy hair brush remover

Hi there, beautiful ladies. I have got this superb invention for you, which I am sure you will totally approve. It’s a special hairbrush where you can easily remove the trapped hair and insert another layer and it looks just like new. Women will understand the pain of remove hair in their hairbrush and will fully agree with this invention.

Handbag chair holder

Women would really love this inventions. You would no longer have the problem of tables stacked up with handbags and plastic bags in food malls. This chair which also serves as support for handbags and bags have been simply, but ingeniously designed.

Headphones with enabled sensors

These headphones/earphones are the best piece of technology that needs to be invented so far. You will ask me why? They are equipped with sensors which avoids the user the trouble of manually switching off the music or whatever he is listening to on the PC, in other words, as he removes the headphones from the ears, the sensors are enabled.

Ironing Board Mirror

With this invention, women can easily iron their dress on it, wear the dress and see how they look in its mirror.You have a multi-purpose invention which you can use to do all these tasks.

Lock Mug That Prevents Other People From Using It

To be frank, I don’t really find the real purpose of this invention to be quite useful. As the title says it all, its a mug which you can lock with a plug in key so that no one else apart from you can use your coffee mug. It can be really useful who don’t want to share their coffee mugs in office.

Multiple toilet tissue holder

You wont every any problem of tissue paper in the toilet with this invention. You can now spend long hours in the toilet without any issue. Be sure to bring in your newspaper with you.

Paper Clip With Date

Many times when you print a document in the office and clip it, you don’t usually know the date when it was made or printed. With this ingenious tool, which I totally agree with, staple your document and also prints the actual date. Who would have thought of that?

Rotating 360° Lego Sockets

This invention will sell like peanuts in all office companies. This rotating lego socket can be assembled, connected and oriented very easily. You will be amazed at how useful that invention will be in your office.

Self-cleaning shirts

If that invention comes out, I will definitely have at least 10 of that on order. Who would not want to have self-cleaning shirts for office. I will no longer fear splash of coffee stains or any other stains whatsoever. What do you think about this one? This question I am asking to the men out there?

Separate Drawer Compartments

The time is now over when you had to look through a pile of clothes in your wardrobe drawer to look for something specific like a pair of socks! With this invention, every clothes has a specific drawer in your wardrobe and you easily dissociate a sock drawer from a trouser drawer.

Spaghetti Calculator Per Family Member

You never seem to know the right portion for each member of the family and you often have many left-over plates of spaghettis. The solution is this invention, whereby you can determine the right portion of spaghetti for each member of the family. Cooks will be happy.

Survival Hour Charge

Survival kits are useful whenever you need portable power kits with specific charges rated in number of hours. But I don’t find it worthwhile to take small individual hour survival charge kits with you instead of taking a big power bank with the total capacity of the small ones combined.

The Rolling Bench That You Can Use After Rain

If you have these in public and after a rainy weather, you just need to turn the spindle and then you will have dry and warm seat to sit on without getting wet.

The Soda Can holder

It feels just like you are drinking your soda can in a glass since you got something to hold on. You no longer need to hold a chilled soda can with your bare hands with this invention. It is simple but revolutionary in my opinion.

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Your days of hardship are over people; you won’t ever have to struggle in your life to remove the last remaining toothpaste from your toothpaste tube with this invention.

Twister Fork

No more falling of spaghetti off the fork, but you need to watch out when you put that fork in your mouth. You need a big mouth or you might just hurt yourself.

Cup Holder Umbrella

Drinking a hot cup of coffee in the rain and under the umbrella is really fun. However, the problem is to hold the umbrella and the coffee cup at the same time.With this umbrella having a coffee cup holder integrated, you can come across this problem.

Mirror Mist Wiper

This works just like the same principle as car wipers. It is different only in the sense it does not wipe the rain, but instead wipes the mist from your bathroom mirror just after you took a hot bath.

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