Deaf people show us how to say swear words in sign language


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I always asked this question about deaf people, “Do they swear like we do?”. Well, actually, they also swear just like we do, however they can do it a bit more discreetly and what’s more great about it, is that they can swear at us with their sign languages without us knowing what they are saying provided we don’t understand the sign languages. So this article, it is dedicated for deaf people who want to know how to say swear words in sign language. Some words are explicitly understood with hand symbol while others are more complex to do and are subtle and discreet.

How to say swear words in sign language?

However, use them at your own risk and be sure that the other person who you are saying swear words does not understand the sign language.

















If you want to see the video so that you can also try to it along with the movements of the hand, check it out below.

One really nice article I found on the net which talks about the “10 essentials Dirty Signs” can read on this link.

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