100 Hilarious Tweets from This Week: How Twitter makes us Laugh!

You tune in to Twitter every week just to see what your favorite followers have posted as hilarious tweets, ranging from funny marriage tweets to funny hangover tweets. There are so many hilarious tweets who are posted daily and for every second and if I need to count, I will be needing a super calculator to do this. Well, instead of logging in to Twitter,why don’t you tune in to this post on the 100 hilarious tweets from this week posted on Twitter and you are bound to roll off your chair in laughter. And please send me the links for other funny tweets in the comment section at the end of the post and I will add them to this list.
Hilarious Tweets

1My Kind of Vocabulary

2Time for Bed

3Happy Father’s Day

4Russian Roulette on Tinder

5When your parents first learn how to use Skype

66 Easy Exercises that Anyone Can Do

7To all the single ladies out there, happy Valentines Day

8Me on Valentine’s Day

9Turn it off and on again

10Living the noodle dream.

11This is my last resort

12Who needs the gym

13The Beauty and the Real Beast

14Keanu Reeves and a fan

15Don’t follow the crowd

16Don’t worry, be happy

17I just want someone who looks at me the way Gal Gadot shamefully remembers she’s married.

18I’m confident you guys will make the right decision..

19If Apple sold water

20Surely a career highlight for any vending machine refill person

21Joe Hart trying to stop goal like

22Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food

23Guys will understand

24Welcome to the staircase of death

25Nailed it

26Gal Gadot’s husband has the best t-shirt ever

27Describe your Perfect Date

28Does she know?

29The Most Dangerous Pole Dance Routine You’ve Seen

30He has got his life all figured out

31The World Cup has begun. Only the strong will survive.

32I don’t mean to sound slutty but feel free to use me whenever you want

33When someone gets a little too close to BAE

34When you say write Happy Birthday on both:

35Someone waited their whole life to write that article title.

36You Had Sex Without a Condom…

37Undies For Two

38Financial Mistake

39Manly Shopping

40The greatest compliment ever.

41Who wore it better!

42This fat fool had to be rescued by animal control


44Modern art!

45Peeling Onions Like A Boss

46Poor guy’s face!

47Bose noise cancelling toilet!

48Accuracy is important


49While entering BIOS…

50The ritual is complete!

51Math Romance!

52It all makes sense now!

53Even The Force needs some sleep!

54The Pebble!

55Uhh whattt??!!

56I have Got 3 Moods

57Tough luck!

58Let me go Human!


60When Red Light Shows, Please Wait Here

61Dad looks like he’s adopted…

62Evil level: 1000


64Trying to get my life together like…

65When you have friends over and your mom suddenly walks in your room.


67When you’re watching bae from a distance talking to someone else:

68When you accidentally tap an ad and it takes you to the App Store:

69My social life in a picture:

70hen you think you’re passing and then the teachers finally post grades:

71How l feel when my wifi isn’t working:


73Coming home from school like:

74When somebody’s lying to you but you know the truth:

75If u do this too you were raised right:

76When u in a bad place but ur keeping a positive outlook:

77When you gotta tie up your hair so it doesn’t get in your food:

78Making decisions with your friends:

79Waiting for a text back like:

80You’re my favorite hello and hardest goodbye:

81She told me to grab her pink bag and I’ve never been more confused

82Karate School will be like:

83Yet another unrealistic standard for women

84This carrot looks like its about to rap the healthiest verse of 2018

85When ur finally home and u can be yourself

86When your friend keeps handing you Last Shots!

87When your friend forgets to give you a blanket for sleeping

88Finally, the Cat comes in Handy

89My Best Friend Calling my Name

90Turns me on

91Your order has been shipped

92Me on Snapchat

93Me 24/7

94When you get 11 likes on Instagram

95I was really drunk last night

96Wrestling is Stupid

97Tough Competition

98I Think You went too far with the Plastic Surgery

99When you got the Window Seat

100They thought it was a Camera



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