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Hilarious Illustrations of how a 2-year old can hurt you portrayed by a mother

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Being a parent and more specially a mother, you are often confronted with turbulent kids, who have no idea of their strength and how to play their games silently. If you have a two year old kid, obviously, you should know that this is the age for them to be more wild in their actions and to be all the time jumping around without stopping.

Very often, being myself a parent, I have been confronted to receiving a blow by my kid on the eye, face or nose. Having kids can also be a curse as well as a blessing, but we do love them.

Weng Chen, a mother, has helped portrayed this facet of kids which all parents know and faced with. While going through these hilarious illustrations of her two year old hurting parents, you will be hilariously entertained and totally relate to.

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the front tooth damage

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