Do you know hagar’s dog is the most funny dog ever?

I am sure not many people have heard or read about the cartoon ‘Hagar The Horrible’ first created in 1973 by the talented cartoonist Dik Browne. The strip is a caricature commenting modern day life in America through a loose interpretation of Viking Age Scandinavian life. Since Browne’s retirement in 1988 (and subsequent death), his son Chris Browne has continued the strip. Hägar is both a fierce warrior and a family man—with the same problems as your average modern suburbanite. One running gag involves his exceptionally poor personal hygiene; for example, his annual bath is a time of national rejoicing and celebrations. The most funny character, according to me, is Snert, Hagar’s dog. He is supposed to be a bird/hunting dog, but the reader gets the impression that most of the time he just doesn’t feel like working. Snert understands everything Hagar tells him, but usually refuses to do what he’s told. Snert wears a miniature Viking helmet like everyone else in Hagar’s household—including the pets. Snert barks with a Viking accent (“voof”). Enjoy some of the comic extracts on Snert, Hagar’s dog, as you scroll down below.
























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