25 people share with us good excuses to miss work on short notice

Have it ever happened to you when you are not really feeling it? Getting out of bed seems more like a hurdle and you start feeling anxious by this situation! And the last thing that crops up in your mind is actually going to your workplace. When you think what needs to be done before going to office, like brushing your teeth, taking a bath or putting on makeup for the women, you just get depressed. In this situation, the only solution would be to call in sick at work; but for that you need to have good excuses to miss work on short notice. Some very creative people have thought of very strange and hilarious reasons to call in sick at work and posted these good excuses to miss work on short notice on Twitter which you can follow on the hashtag #StrangeReasonsToCallOutSick . Obviously here at Hahahumor, we cannot afford to call in sick for our viewers and that’s why we have prepared this list on the hilarious and good excuses to miss work on short notice people shared on Twitter to call in sick. Scroll down below and include your reason to call in sick.

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