Funny wife memes: Only the best memes from our collection

Women are by far the most complex creature that exists on Earth. It would require a whole bunch of scientists with high IQs to understand women, I even doubt they will succeed. They always think two steps ahead as compared to men. Whenever, we husbands, give our opinion about something in peculiar, wives will always argue that the opinion is wrong and eventually enter into a never-ending argument. To better illustrate the perception and experience husbands have with their wives, we have written this post on funny wife memes.

When I look of this title, I remember a joke I once heard about a fight between a couple. There was once a guy working on his laptop, when his wife casually walked in the room and looked over his shoulder. She suddenly started crying and with tears on her cheeks, she said,”You don’t love me anymore!”. The husband, perplexed, started thinking what he did wrong in his mind; he started having a flashback in his mind of all the things that he might have done wrong during the day. Mastering some courage, he asked,”What happened?”. While still sobbing, she replied,”You don’t care about meĀ  anymore! You have a folder named ‘My Documents’ on your laptop. Why havent you named it ‘Our Documents’?”. For me, I find it hilarious; hoped you liked it like I did. So, without delay, let us enjoy this post on funny wife memes together.





























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