20+ funny truck memes chosen only for the truck fans

If you are a fan of the rocky hills and mountains and want to hit the road, then you are surely going to enjoy this post on funny truck memes. There is no better feeling than driving a truck and on the high road and feeling the cool breeze on your face, however don’t close your eyes, otherwise you might end up like some of these memes. And what I like the most are the big trucks, which keep you high above the ground when you drive. You will see most of these big trucks typically in America. Please click on the share buttons at the top if you truly enjoy this article on funny truck memes.

1When you skip leg day

2Don’t over do it!

3Every kiss does not begin with K.

4The rest made it home.

5Parking a gigantic truck within the lines

6How to make your Ford faster?

7You are doing it wrong!

8Camouflaged Ford truck for sale.

9How to fix a Ford?

10I take up all 4 spots.


11When an idiot with a Prius blocks the Diesel pump!

12Trucks have HDMI ports now!

13Get a Ford they said.

14Go home mud truck! You are drunk!

15Professional Truck Parking

16That look your truck gives you!

17Die hard American fan?

18Meanwhile in America!

19This is how trucks sleep!

20Ever wondered if they worked!

21Oh…you drive a Prius?

22How to ask directions with a truck like this?



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