20 funny college test answers which are simply genius

We have all been through tests at a particular moment of our lives. In fact, we go through all kinds of tests everyday. But in this post, we will talk more specific on college tests. We have often been confronted in college with a difficult question in the test exam whereby the question asked looks like it’s a foreign language. In this situation, there are only two ways to react – either panic and run away or secondly reply the question with a funny answer with the hope that the teacher gives us some sympathy marks.

As stupid as they make look, these answers are simply ingenious and deserve to be applauded and given some generous marks by the teacher. Who knows? While reading this post, you will start getting ideas if ever you are confronted with a college test question that you don’t know the answer and you might get the inspiration to answer with funny college test answers to surprise the teacher and acquire some marks.





















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