Guy compiles funny photos from all their fun road trips he takes with his wife

Road trips to reach your vacation destinations involve very long hours of drives. To while away the time, you are somewhat limited by actions since you are driving. However, this is not the case for redditor MrMagoo21. When this guy takes fun road trips with his wife, he does not lack any imagination, for every trip he takes, he takes a funny picture of himself and his wife. And on his Reddit account, he compiled all the photos taken from their fun road trips together, and you will just be surprised on the funny result obtained. On each of the photos, you will see his wife taking naps. She seems to be sleeping comfortable like a log in the car seat during these long drives. It seems that the simple sound of the engine running makes her doze off like a little baby. I myself find it difficult to sleep in the passenger seat whenever we go for a long drive, however this is not the case for her; she seems so relaxed. These funny selfies will definitely give you ideas on how to spend your time during your next planned long drives with your partner.


Wife feeling so comfortable on our fun road trips Check out the guy's expression Check out the grin on his face

It feels so cosy to be in the passenger seat She even brought a pillow in the car Sunglasses to sleep and hide the sun Is that a dog looking at us? Both have cool sunglasses In that position, she might get a neck pain for sure Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Still sleeping She is posing for the picture Watch out for any insects which enter the mouth Guy with cool hairstyle Don't hold the pillow; sleep on it Great and sexy weather Still asleep again Night time and still sleeping Still that grin


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