19 freaky pictures to send to your boyfriend to make him go crazy


The internet is full of these kind of funny trippy pictures. You will ask me, “But what are trippy pictures?”. Well, in fact, trippy pictures are those pictures which plays with your eyes and mind and make you go crazy. Why crazy?Because in order to understand the sense of these pictures, you need to ponder and scratch your head a lot. You get pictures taken from phones which are trippy in nature or you get trippy backgrounds which play with your eyes and mind. Girls, you can use these freaky pictures to send to your boyfriend  as a prank and telling them that you took these pictures. They will go crazy just to figure how you managed to take these kind of freaky pictures.

19 freaky pictures to send to your boyfriend

Frankly speaking, looking at these funny trippy pictures gives me a real headache or at most make me want to bang my head on the wall. So try these at your own risk. I call them ‘crazy mindfucks’.

1. The Headless cat

freaky pictures to send to your boyfriend

2. Guy with heels

3. Oops my head is falling down. Catch it!

4. Pierced with an arrow. Rest in peace dog!

5. Whose hand is that?

6. The girl with three legs?

7. The Anti-flat technology is no longer reliable.

8. I see a horse in the house, and you?

9. The guy with the skirt.

10. That is a damn strong cat.

11. I can see that you have a very very long head.

12. The next one to put a coin will win the jackpot.

13. The girl with feet in the place of hands

14. Dad is a kid again.

15. Hey girl, where are your feet?

16. Attack of the giant pigeons!

17. Ooh that must hurt and my God, its deep down there!

18. The girl with the zebra ass and feet.

19. You have got sexy nice legs there, young man!