Facebook Trackers are the only things parents have left

Facebook is the new generation for our youngsters. It is the new trend that kids use to express their freedom of thoughts to others around the world without any limits. Every parent knows that his child must have a Facebook account. This has become a common thing embedded in the daily life of the adolescent and is acceptable to the parent.

On the contrary, on seeing his child quitting Facebook and being interested in the real things in life, the parent sense a big threat in this instead of being happy. You see, even though Facebook was a big time-consuming activity in their child’s daily life, Facebook also served as a tool to them to track what their child was doing in life. They would help serve as trackers.

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Credit: Joy of Tech

As a result, parents, mostly desperate moms, then go out on the web looking for answers via Quora, on how to track their children. Like a desperate call for help!


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