Enjoy eating a Big Mac with the gorgeous McDonald’s “goddess” cashier


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Woman Hsu Wei-han working at the front counter of a McDonald’s restaurant.
A young woman working at the front counter of a McDonald’s restaurant has become the latest overnight celebrity of working-class folk after she was discovered by a blogger.
The woman known as Hsu Wei-han, whose age was not given, was spotted working at a McDonald’s restaurant in the city of Kaohsiung, in southern Taiwan, by an avid blogger known as RainDog.
RainDog noted on his blog that Wei-han, who is also known as “Weiwei” or “Haitun” (“dolphin” in Chinese), was cute and wore a pink shirt and heels.
His blog post rocketed Weiwei to Internet fame almost overnight.
She has been called the “cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history”, after netizens pointed out that McDonald’s chains in the country were actually famous for dressing up their female employees in cute themed outfits, such as sailors or maids.
Netizens in Kaohsiung are now scrambling to find out which branch she works at in hopes of getting a peek at the McDonald’s Goddess.
Other popular working-class beauties and “hunks” from Taiwan included fruit, tofu, and cake vendors in capital Taipei, as well as a girl who became known affectionately as the “Pork Princess”.
Some people however accused the blogger of manipulating the pictures and claiming the woman did not exist, even though several local media outlets republished the images of the girl with abnormally large eyes and doll-like features as a news story with no suggestion she was not real.

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