27+ drastic weight loss before and after pics that totally look different


Losing weight is no fun. However, when people look at the mirror, they always have some complaints on their figure. Following their need to lose weight, they quickly hit the gym to lose those unwanted pounds, and as quickly they join as quickly they leave the gym due to lack of motivation. However, there are some people who go beyond these obstacles and acquire a high degree of strength and motivation to overcome these constraints and activate their beast mode in the gym. You will better understand through these drastic weight loss before and after pics in this article and these people will help motivate you on what you can achieve too. You won’t be able to differentiate how these people were before and after drastic transformations.

#1 My 600-Pound Life – Before And After


#2 It Only Took Just Under 9 Years, It’s Been Hard, But Now I’m Just Glad I’m Here


#3 45 Pound Weight Loss In One Year


#4 So I Lost 295 Lbs In The Last Decade


#5 Combined Regular Cardio And Weight Training, Helped Me To Reduce My Weight From 223 Lbs (101 Kg) To 144 Lbs (65 Kg) In Slightly Less Than 2 Years

Esbeidy Barrera

#6 177 Kg Lost Between Us Both And We Still Ain’t Done Yet


#7 80 Lbs To 145 Lbs. Quit Drinking One Year Ago This Weekend


#8 Christine Lost 175 Pounds And Learned To Love Her Stretch Marks


#9 135 Lb Weight Loss


#10 William Guinn Lost 230 Pounds In Order To Join The Army

William H. Guinn Jr

#11 Today Is the 5th Year Of My Weight Loss Journey


#12 360 Lbs To 230 Lb In 24 Months. Face Gains!


#13 After Drastic Changes And Working Out 4 To 5 Times A Week, I Have Now Lost A Total Of 170 Pounds


#14 Jonah Hill Weight Loss Goals Achieved


#15 200 Pounds Lost


#16 340 Lbs Lost In 3 Years


#17 The 80 lbs of weight lost was totally worth it


#18 Before & after of my 30 pound weight loss. Never been so proud of myself. Said I would make 2017 my year & didn’t hold back.


#19 Worked the pain and got the gain!

#20 Sisters power brings twice as much motivation.

#21 Lost so much weight that my previous clothes are too big for me.

#22 You won’t tell it’s the same person apart from the hairstyle.

#23 Just put in the effort, you are bound to see the results

#24 Look at my figure now after the weight loss.

#25 Now all eyes are on me when I walk on the road.

#26 My step-by-step transformation

#27 I only kept the glasses and left all weight behind.

drastic weight loss before and after