12 funny dating my daughter meme pictures at your own risk

Fathers tend to be a bit overprotective about their daughters and when it concerns boys dating their girls; they become much more aggressive and wild. I once remember  a movie I watched whereby the boy came to the girl’s house to take her out on a date. The girl’s father answered the door and welcomed the guy in with a stern look on his face, and with a rifle in hand. And he said, ” Do you know that I have never missed a target in my whole life!”. In that moment, either you run away for your life or you take the risk of dating her daughter with the hope of not being the target! These 12 funny dating my daughter meme pictures are just what you need if ever if you are planning to date the daughter of a strict father.

Dare to date a girl at your own risk since a dad is the last person you want to anger. So treat the dad first with respect first and then you are good to go with the daughter.













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