A funny joke to tell your girlfriend to show her how lucky she is to have you!

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If you want a funny joke to tell your girlfriend to make her feel lucky to have you in her life, then definitely this story will help you out.There were three inseparable best friends who were always together having fun, partying and enjoying life without worrying about the future. As much close they were together, as much close they were named Mac, Donald and Berger.a funny joke to tell your girlfriend

One Friday night, the three friends decided to go to the disco to party all night. So they took the car and headed to the most popular disco in town called Time2Party. Mac took the wheels and started speeding up quickly on the highway. Suddenly, the car skidded as the road was slippery since it had rained previously, and collided with extreme impact against a tree on the side. Unfortunately, all three best friends died on the spot.

2They went to the doors of Heaven where GOD was waiting for them. HE said, “You three guys have not done any good in life, so you should all go to hell”. Hearing that, Mac, Donald & Berger got really scared and pleaded with GOD, “Please don’t send us there, it’s very bad and dangerous there, if you let us in Paradise, we promise not to do anything wrong and be good. Please give us a chance”. GOD pitied them and said,”Ok guys, I will let you in only on one condition. When you go in Paradise, you can enjoy all the benefits and pleasures you have there, but NEVER ever step on the yellow flower you will find there.” The three friends hearing that did not ask any other question, and just agreed to the condition and entered through the gates of Heaven and in Paradise.


Mac, Donald & Berger were really happy to be in Paradise and to party just like on Earth and most important of all, the three of them were together like they used to be. After a while of merrymaking, one day Mac just disappeared. Donald & Berger couldn’t understand what happened; they thought that Mac had simply found a better place to be or made new friends in Paradise. So they did not bother about him for a while until a week later, they saw Mac come in the company of a very ugly woman, hand-in-hand. On seeing that, they laughed at him and ask him what happened. Mac only said, “I stepped on the yellow flower”.


Even though he was feeling guilty of having stepped on the yellow flower, Mac continued to hang out with Donald, Berger and her new ugly companion. They kept enjoying the pleasures of being in Paradise even though Mac had that unceasing frown on his face. After a while, something unexpected happened, Donald disappeared and left the others perplexed. They tried searching for him everywhere, but in vain. They lost hope and thought that Donald was bored from being with them. So they simply continued their way. A week after, from out of nowhere, Donald came not alone, but in the company of an uglier woman than that of Mac’s companion. Mac remembering how they mocked him initially, said, “Hey Donald, who’s the one laughing now?” Berger also taunted him and then asked him what had happened. Donald replied,” Unfortunately, I also stepped on the yellow flower”.


After this incident, Mac & Donald had no other choice but to accept their unfortunate situation. Berger being the only one without a companion, even though he was happy he was in the same condition as the others, started to separate himself from the group as it wasn’t as it used to be. Mac & Donald along with their ugly companions went their way. After a long period, they started worrying about their friend Berger who they hadn’t seen after so long, so they started looking for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. Finally, they concluded and said mockingly,”Berger must have stepped on the yellow flower! He was teasing us so much, now we will be able to take our revenge and mock him as he will come back with an even uglier woman than our companions!” The very next day, out of nowhere, Berger appeared, accompanied with the most beautiful and sexy woman ever. The girl look like a model and Mac & Donald just couldn’t take their eyes off her. They were really perplexed that Berger did not come with an ugly woman as companion.


Eventually, they asked the question which was pondering in their minds, “How come you got this gorgeous woman as companion and not an ugly one like we did?” Berger did not say anything, but rather the sexy woman said sadly,” I stepped on the yellow flower!” 

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