5 funny gym names which are ridiculously motivating


Being myself a gym amateur (just started last week), there are times when you feel very unmotivated to do exercise. Sometimes when you look at these funny gym names that they put on the signboard, you are ridiculously motivated to go to the gym or not.

1. The Crunch Gym

The one place where your whole body gets crunched just like the logo shows.

2. Firehouse Fitness

This is where your balls will be on fire.

3. FlirtyGirl Fitness

This is the kind of gym where I would like to go work out. If the interior is just like the gym name says, then I am all in.

4. The Prayer Gym

Come on guys, make your last prayers before entering this gym, otherwise you will really regret it.

5. Torture Gym

I dont think this gym has got many people going there to work out. The name is really very demotivating. Go at your own risk!