The 29 Best Tweets of the #GrowingUpShy Hashtag


What's it like to grow up shy? Everyone is commiserating about it on Twitter with the #GrowingUpShy hashtag. Introverts unite! As someone who is mildly shy, it was very therapeutic to read through these tweets. So if you grew up shy and want to scream "that's so true!" a bunch, check out the timeline. But for now, here are some of the best tweets we saw about what it's like to grow up shy!


person: do you want something to drink?
me: no thanks i'm good
them: you sure?
me: yep

— maddie (@edsheeqan) July 1, 2016


Saying "no thanks, I'm not hungry" to food even though you're STARVING TO DEATH.#GrowingUpShy

— Steven Silva (@iamstevensilva) July 1, 2016


"Don't be shy!"
Wow, I never thought of that. ?
Thanks, I'm cured!#GrowingUpShy

— Growing Up Shy (@GrowingUpShy) June 16, 2016


When you order something at a restaurant and they get it wrong but you don't want to tell them #GrowingUpShy

— kal pal (@ecstatikaliye) July 1, 2016


Me: I want some pizza
Parents: You can have some
Me: YEA—
Parents: If you order it urself

— FREDDY (@FreddyAmazin) July 1, 2016


#growingupshy "we're going to go round the room & everyone has to say a fact about themselves"

— lizzie collinson ⛈ (@lizerally) July 1, 2016


sitting through birthdays like this bc the song part is actual torture ??? #GrowingUpShy

— Raphael Gomes (@raphablueberry) July 1, 2016


#GrowingUpShy when you're doing a presentation & someone says "I can't hear you"

— ️ (@hmuagb) July 1, 2016


when the teacher starts picking people at random:

— ˗ˏˋ harman ˎˊ˗ (@deadpoooI) July 1, 2016


when you say or do something wrong and you think about it for the next 60 years #GrowingUpShy

— sophie (@biebersagb) July 1, 2016


Slowly backing away from group conversations cuz u can't handle the internal panic #growingupshy

— Michelle Kwon (@kwonshell) June 15, 2016


#GrowingUpShy when u see people u know in public but ur too shy and awkward to say hi to them

— G. (@Princessofwifi) July 1, 2016


#GrowingUpShy if I had a dollar for every time someone told me "you're so quiet"

— Humor Me (@Sherlysays_) July 1, 2016


Me: "Do you wanna hang out?"
Girl: "What do you wanna do?"

— Growing Up Shy (@GrowingUpShy) June 9, 2016


when you run out of your drink at a restaraunt & you don't wanna ask for a refill so u sit there like#GrowingUpShy

— lys (@lyssssette) July 1, 2016


#GrowingUpShy When you are with ur friends and their other friends come around so you just sit there like

— val (@fIatlineari) July 1, 2016


#GrowingUpShy what phone calls look like vs what they really feel like

— FREDDY (@FreddyAmazin) July 1, 2016


#GrowingUpShy what I use my phone for

— Humor Me (@Sherlysays_) July 1, 2016


#growingupshy when your mum leaves u waiting in line at the supermarket and she hasn't returned when it's your turn

— dan (@velvetmoteI) July 1, 2016


#growingupshy when u finally build up the courage to say sth in a group conversation and no one hears it

— Spicie Meatball (@noelfishr) July 1, 2016


When the class is reading out loud and you count the people in front of you so you can find your paragraph and rehearse

— JAY ₆ (@VIEWSFROMJAY) July 1, 2016


Being the friend that walks behind the rest of the group because there's not enough room for all of you #GrowingUpShy

— Yung Toastie (@ADTR_Tomm) July 1, 2016


#GrowingUpShy Knowing the answer to a question in class but letting someone else take the glory.

— K£N (@KenMwendwa) July 1, 2016


"Can I call you?" #GrowingUpShy

— jestine (@dopevoices) July 1, 2016


#GrowingUpShy when you're choking and need to cough again but you've already coughed twice

— jaziel (@WANDASWIDOW) July 1, 2016


#growingupshy "the same people keep answering lets pick someone who hasnt raised their hand yet"

— canadah (@zaynilla) July 1, 2016


#GrowingUpShy people find it cute when you're a kid but it actually never goes away and now you're an adult and it's called social anxiety

— Kinsei ( ͡° v ͡°) (@_Kinseis) July 1, 2016


“if no one raises their hand i will be calling on people randomly” #growingupshy

— austin (@survivorgirI) July 1, 2016


''make groups''
''pair up''
''you can order for yourself''
''you can call yourself''

— G. (@Princessofwifi) July 1, 2016

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