Top 20 ‘selfies gone bad’ pictures who have gone most viral on the internet

There are around 93 million selfies each day in the World and I am sure this value will keep on increasing day by day. People cannot resist the need to take a selfie and post on facebook or any other popular social media network just for the sake of making it viral so as to get the most number of likes. So, the question is,”What makes a picture go viral?”. Well, the normal and plain picture does not get too many likes.

As a matter of fact, there are three main types of viral pictures. First of all, we have what I like to call the ‘You cant touch this’ as a tribute to MC Hammer popular song, that is you have a hot pic of sexy girls showing their beautiful attributes. This can give rise to lots of shares and likes and can go very viral on the internet. An example is a post on theChive showing photos of sexy chicks taking hot selfies, which has gone extremely viral, according to, with 66.3 K  shares on Facebook. A quick sneak-peek at the content of the post and the beautiful sexy ladies:

Secondly, we have what I call, the funny-forced selfies, that is, people deliberately do something funny and captures it with a selfie so as to get the most likes. Examples of this type of selfie are as shown here:

For these kind of selfies, you can count as much as millions and maybe even more as I am writing this post now. However, we all know that you cannot force the fun; fun is something natural.

This leads us to the third type of selfies that we are all aware and look for it by searching on Google, which I call ‘selfies gone bad’ or also known as ‘selfie fails’. This type refers to selfies which are done by mistake and not deliberately. And these are most viral pictures you will ever find on the net. One most common feature of these pictures are that these selfies are very often taken in front of  the mirror.

Top 20 ‘selfies gone bad’ pictures which are most viral on the internet

Here, I have compiled a list of the topmost selfies gone bad pictures gone so viral that everyone must have come across it on the internet.

selfies gone bad

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