Hey Cat Lovers! How high do you think can your cat jump?


If you are a cat owner, you must have inevitably seen him or her leaping around in the house several times and sometimes reach incredible heights. But I am sure, you never pondered on the question of how high can your cat jump. Well, let me tell you cat owners and curious people out there, for a fact, that cats can reach an average of eighteen feet high, which is equal to about six times their length, on a single jump, because of the powerful muscles found in their hind legs. This fact eventually leads to other basic questions like, “Can they survive this fall from such a height if ever they miss their landing?” They also use their tails for achieving the right balance as they jump, this is why you will see their tails all straightened up whenever they jump.

Let me tell you one, I have not seen many jumping cats around, but the following short videos that are you going see in this article, will definitely send you bouncing around in the room likes these cats. And you will also get your answer whether these cats will survive if ever they fall down from such heights in the Cats Bloopers section.

When a cat gotta jump, it jumps!


Ready for take off in 3..2..1


Jump but dont scare the kids away!


Ever saw a cat playing hopscotch? Well you did just now!


The Best Cats Bloopers of all Times

I did not want to make the article too boring, that’s why I added this cars bloopers section where you will enjoy seeing cats bloops whenever they jump.

Gimme back my toy!


I need to calculate the speed of wind and gravity first before jumping.


I think I had a too heavy lunch.


I call this the splash move.


Just wait for it. Its legendary…


Just like a bouncing ball.


You should have hesitated once more before jumping.


Did the cat just come out from the sink?


Assassin Cat in action!


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They are in for some wild stuff

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