Would you spend a night in what looks like an old crane but which is in fact a luxury hotel in Amsterdam?

The thought of spending a night in an old crane will never pop up in your mind. And if it did come in your mind, where can you do that?

The answer is in Amsterdam.

This looks like an ordinary looking old crane, but is in fact a luxurious hotel. Who could have imagined that?

A group of architects coming from several Dutch companies decided to do a collective project to give life to this old crane, which weighs 250 tonnes and about 50 meters high. The crane was getting rusty and was starting to give in to the negative effects of weather and time. 

The crane was decades old and recognised as being one of the world’s highest and oldest mechanical structures. So when these architects worked together, this is what they achieved after 3 years of work.

The beautiful transformation from the metallic beast to the beautiful hotel named ‘Hotel Faralda’ required several millions of dollars involving the reinforcement of foundations and a thrust to rotate the suite with the wind. There is even a jacuzzi with an incredible view of the lake and boats where you can enjoy the nice breeze.

Hotel spokesman Edwin Kornman Rudi stated, “Nowhere else in the world is there something as unique, as big and high as this hotel. This has put an end to the fight against the decline of the historic harbor crane. The Grand Dame has finally reached her destination as the most extravagant Crane Hotel in the world.”

He further said, “It is also the most talked about wedding location in the Netherlands. We’ve had people getting married in the studio, sleeping in one of the three suites and having their wedding night start in the hot tub at the top of the crane.”

The crane even has a TV studio that is employed for music promotions and high-profile television.

One night stay will cost you $500, so it’s definitely not for everyone. However if you can afford it, it is definitely worth it and you can share with others that you stayed in an old crane.

Source: Wonderful Engineering

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